Roland CSQ-100

Roland CSQ-100

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Roland CSQ-100 Digital Sequencer For Sale.

Professionally serviced and working great. This should work with old 1 volt per octave Roland synths with CV and gate ins and outs and other manufacturer's compatible instruments. 

We were told this unit was fine when we bought it, but as usual, it wasn't. So here's what we had to do to it - not much due to its simplicity (thankfully, for a change!), but these things take time, and when youre a business, time is money:

This unit was disassembled. Old brittle and cracked neopren dust protectors were replaced with new ones, the left side plastic was broken on the inside and was glued, and a defective fader was opened up, cleaned and repaired. This work took 2 hours of skilled vintage synth tech labor, which is super fast as far as vintage gear servicing goes.

Ready for its next happy home!