Roland GR-500

Roland GR-500

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Roland GR-500 guitar synthesizer for sale. This unit has been fully refurbished and is in exceptional electronic, mechanical and physical condition. When we bought it, we were told it was hardly played. It worked quite well when we first tried it, but since we're perfectionists and want our items to be as good as they can possibly be - and to hopefully outlast all others, we paid our tech for 15 hours of highly skilled labor to perfect and hopefully future-proof this classic synth. You won't find a better one.

Work done included replacing around 2 dozen capacitors (as a preventative measure), disassembly, deep cleaning and reassembly, resoldering connections known to often cause problems in this model, cleaning of all switches and pots, replacing the guitar strings and tuning, replacing the old dust guards with new ones, etc. If you'd like to buy this unit and would also like the parts we removed, please be sure to ask and we will include them.

This unit includes a newly manufactured synth to guitar connector cable.

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