Roland Juno-60

Roland Juno-60

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Roland Juno-60 for sale. We bought this unit from the original owner who kept it in a case in his closet for most of the time. He's a professional woodworker and replaced the wooden end pieces with much better, furniture quality solid walnut that look great to us!

This unit arrived in exceptional condition, but since we like our customers to have the very best quality items money can buy, we paid our tech for the 7 hours of skilled labor required to get this Juno-60 fully refurbished and future-proofed so it will hopefully outlast all others. This is all of course factored into its price.

The photos shown here are of the unit currently being sold.

The JU-60 is a classic, well known for its beautiful warm tone and playability. It's 6 note polyphonic so, unlike many of its predecessors, it can play chords. Theres also a built in arpeggiator! It sounds has a warm, unique tone. Part of this is due to the chorus circuit which gives sounds real dimension and is particularly good for strings and pads. This synth also delivers great bass tones. It's similar to the Juno-106 but some people feel it has a warmer, sweeter tone to it. Unlike the Juno-6, its got patch memory so you can save your own sounds for instant recall. It's got enough features to let you create lots of sounds but is also simple enough for the beginner who is looking for a great sounding analog synth to start with! This synth was apparently used by many famous musicians including: Vince Clarke (Yaz, Erasure), The Beloved, Cabaret Voltaire, Enya, Level 42, Men At Work, Howard Jones, George Michael (Everything She Wants), the Eurythmics, Jupiter One, The Cure and many others. But dont let this list discourage you - you dont have to be a synthpopper to make great use of this synth!