Roland Jupiter-6 w/ Europa

Roland Jupiter-6 w/ Europa

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Roland Jupiter-6 with Europa MIDI update for sale. Meticulously serviced over many hours and working perfectly, no excuses. 

The Jupiter-6 is a very powerful vintage synth, capable of making a huge range of sounds.  It's got 2 oscillators per sound, cross modulation, LFO with different waveforms, oscillator sync, 2 envelopes, filter with lowpass, bandpass and highpass modes (different from all other Jupiters), super-fat unison mode, split mode and more.  

The Europa upgrade installed in this particular unit allows realtime recording and control of patch parameters via MIDI - which means you can sequence and play back your knob movements, as well as librarian backup of patch data (which is a million times better than using the fussy tape interface)!  It also adds new arpeggiator modes and lots of other features - here's a summary:

  • Additional arpeggiator modes
  • Additional arpeggiator synchronization sources
  • Send and receive MIDI continuous controllers
  • Send and receive presets/patches via MIDI
  • Europa firmware updates via MIDI
  • Patches/presets stored in flash
  • Additional voice assignment modes
  • Board state retention
  • Configurable MIDI channel
  • Random patch generator
  • Improved user interface
  • Circular oscillator sync
  • Oscillators independently disableable
  • Additional hardware diagnostics
  • Voice watch
  • MIDI Activity monitor
  • Glide time and Unison detune stored separately for split modes
  • Foot pedal adaptation
  • Patch edit compare
  • Assignable MIDI messages
  • Factory settings restoration
  • Local mode control

This MIDI update gives this synth modern MIDI capabilities you'll need if you're doing serious MIDI programming.  We love it!

Photos are not yet available, so the images here show a previously sold unit. 

Estimated preparation time: 0-9 weeks.