Roland MTR-100

Roland MTR-100

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Roland MTR-100 Digital Tape Recorder for MC-4 Sequencer Micro-Composer.

Like most if not all of them, this unit is non-functional and would need to be serviced in order to work again. We normally service gear here, but we don't work on this model, so this unit is being sold completely as-is, with no guarantees. It powers up but I believe our tech said there's a rubber belt inside these that he always sees go - rubber gets brittle and breaks over time. It's possible there could be more wrong with it, but if you'd like to attempt to restore it, this would be a good place to start. We're just selling it as a collector's item for MC4 owners, though the tape mechanism inside it appears to be quite valuable as it's sought after for other vintage electronics (but it would be a real shame to gut this item for parts).