Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Roland RE-201 Space Echo

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Roland RE-201 Space Echo For Sale. Meticulously refurbished and future-proofed by professionals - a significant investment of time and money, this process took 12 hours of skilled vintage tape echo repair time plus parts costs. This is if course reflected in the price of this fully refurbished and perfectly working item. And yes, the motor - the weakest link inside Roland tape echos - has been rebuilt too. You will not find a functionally better re201. 

Here's what our tech did to this unit:

Cleaned unit inside and out.
Polished metal hardware.
Replaced power cable. 
Replaced electrolytic capacitors in power supply and motor control sections.
Cleaned and lubed switches and pots.
Cleaned all jacks.
Replaced toggle switch.
Cleaned heads.
Installed new felt. 
Demagnetized heads.
Replaced tape with new tape.
Replaced pinch roller with new one.
Checked pinch roller tension.
Adjusted reverb output level.
Multiple long systematic tests passed with flying colors.


Here's this unit in action:


The RE201 features an organic delay effect combined with retro spring reverb. This is not a new, pristine sounding digital effect - it's an old school tape loop jobbie with lots of warmth and character, very similar to a Maestro Echoplex but better in our opinion because its more flexible and includes a reverberator! Widely used in dub, reggae, hiphop, techno, drum n bass, trance and ambient music and is of course all over music from the 70s and 80s too. 

volume meter w red LED peak level indicator
mic volume and in 1
mic volume and in 2
instrument volume and in
switch for normal or echo
Delay Mode selector
repeat 1, 2, 3, 4
reverb echo 5-11
reverb only (12)
from PA jack
foot switch jack
(echo cancel)
repeat rate
echo volume
reverb volume
power on off
hi, med low volume switch
top easily unscrews to access tape
operation instructions, attached to the inside of the lid.