Roland SPH-323 Phase Shifter

Roland SPH-323 Phase Shifter

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Roland SPH-323 Phase Shifter For Sale. Fully serviced by perfectionists. 

We paid our tech for the 3 hours of skilled labor required to fully refurbish this unit. All electrolytic capacitors were replaced with new ones not due to necessity but because we want this unit to outlast others on the market. All pots and switches were chemically cleaned and lubed. All jacks were cleaned. This unit was cleaned inside and out. This unit was fully tested and was determined to be in full working order (and sounds great!). This unit runs off 220v. If you're in a country where they use 240v, please contact us for a quote to rewire the power transformer to run off 240v. Everyone else will need to use the right transformer, which should be easy to find on Amazon or at your local electronics supply store.


This unit is now part of the massive gear collection at thesynthsanctuary.com