Roland SRE-555 Chorus Echo

Roland SRE-555 Chorus Echo

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Roland SRE-555 for sale. Rackmount version of the RE-501 Chorus Echo, even better than the classic RE-201 Space Echo. This unit has been fully disassembled, cleaned and meticulously refurbished, thoroughly tested and is working great.

This unit was in used in our studio for the last 20 years or so. We just fully refurbished it so it would work perfectly and hopefully outlast all others. It's been tested systematically several times and passed all tests, and has also been run for a long period of time to ensure reliability (with no problems at all). So it's working like new again and is ready to record with.

Here’s what was done to it:
Cleaned inside and out.
Replaced all power supply electrolytic capacitors (14)
cleaned all jacks
cleaned and lubed all pots and switches
Removed motor, removed ball bearing, stopper and cleaned up shaft. Rebuilt motor (replaced shaft bearing, ball bearing, hole sensors new grease).
Cleaned heads, tape guides and pinch roller.
Replaced felt tape.
Checked pinch roller tension.
Checked and adjusted playback level.
Burn in test, passed with flying colors. :) 

Note the big silver screws on the front panel. These would normally screw into a sliding rack shelf had there been one with this unit (there isn't). Without anything for them to screw into, they normally droop. Rather than remove them, we left them but added some hot clue behind the front panel so they wouldn't droop. This hot glue can easily be removed or replaced, should it come off at some point - this could possibly happen during shipping. sn93028x