Roland TB-303

Roland TB-303

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Roland TB-303 for sale. Freshly serviced by professionals (us) and in perfect working order, unlike most. The tact switches on these often go bad and cause the keys to retrigger, making it frustrating if not possible to accurately enter new patterns. We paid our tech to replace all these switches so they would work right the first time. He also cleaned and lubed all pots and resoldered jacks and pots. This is stuff we typically do to our 303s that most other sellers don't bother doing. This unit's been fully tested and is working perfectly. We'll give it one last test prior to shipping - we test our items multiple times because quality control is our top priority here. 

Power supply included.


The computer-controlled bassline helped create acid house music back in the late 80s when people couldn't give them away. The internal sequencer can be used to play other compatible CV gate instruments and works quite well with other roland music machines in the x0x box family.

Here's this 808 with a Roland TB-303 we also have for sale.

Here's a video we made featuring a Roland TB-303 and TR-606 (which we often have in stock too):