Roland TR-707

Roland TR-707

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Roland TR-707 For Sale. 
Much like the classic TR-909, this MIDI drum machine is a classic. Used on countless pop, techno, house, new wave, synthpop, hip hop and other recordings from the mid 80s thru today. Its appearance and user interface are best compared to that of the 909. It's a great studio drum machine but also an excellent portable live tool with the ability to trigger external sounds on a MIDI sampler or synth - perfect for the gigging techno musician.


15 great drum sounds
16 pads for tap entry or step entry (lights indicate position)
Can also be used to sequence your MIDI synthesizer or sampler - great for live use!
Pattern Mode - create lots of your own loops!
Track Mode - arrange your loops into songs!
Shuffle (variable)
Cartridge Port (fits the optional M-16c, see my other auctions below!)
MIDI In / Out
DIN sync output to synchronize with TB-303, TR-808, TR-606, CR-8000 and other fashionable Roland gear!
stereo out
10 additional individual audio outputs
phone out
start/stop input jack
sync out/tape save jack
sync in/tape load jack
DC in