Serge Modular Music System 3 Panel Suitcase

Serge Modular Music System 3 Panel Suitcase

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Vintage Serge Modular Music System 3 Panel Suitcase For Sale.

This 3 Panel Serge Synthesizer has been serviced and is in excellent working order. It was originally assembled in the early 80s and was later brought to Sound Transform Systems for servicing at which point the metal panel on top was added. This panel was originally connected to an external patchbay via the multipin connector on the right, but the patchbay was later discarded, so the CV and gate jacks on that panel don't do anything right now. All original Serge components are working just fine.

This is a very powerful stand-alone system, or the individual panels can be removed and added to a pre-existing system. 

We would ideally like to trade it towards an earlier Serge system or other vintage gear, but will consider cash offers. 

Here's a video of this Serge in action:

And scroll through this post for 5 quick video clips: