Simmons Digital Clap Trap

Simmons Digital Clap Trap

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Simmons Digital Clap Trap For Sale. This unit's been professionally serviced and is working as it should.

If you're lookin for interesting synth clap sounds and noise hits, look no further.  This hard to find Simmons piece does the trick. This is a simple unit, allows you to balance between a clap and noise sound. Pitch and decay adjust for each sound. Very nice sound and surprisingly useful for such a simple device. You can trigger it from an external trigger or audio input, manual trigger button or use the auto-trigger mode (with adjustable speed). The humanizer feature alters the pitch of the claps. To hear the the humanizer, use manual trigger and play it very quickly.  (Just had to state that here so you don't think it's broken if you buy it - it's a subtle effect!)