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Star Instruments Synare 3

Star Instruments Synare 3

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Star Instruments Synare 3 For Sale. Here it is, what may be the most popular type of drum synth from the 70s and early 80s, well known for the noise clap sound from Betty Davis Eyes, that disco space tom thing, and countless other songs from the period.  This here's the Synare 3, which must make it even more special than the 1 and 2. :) One thing's for sure - it sounds GREAT. This item's a drum pad and flexible analog synth in 1. Makes simple drum sounds as well as complex FM sounds. Has 2 oscillators - 1 can be switched to noise, 2 can be switch to LFO.  

The unit shown here has sold. We have another in stock that we need to refurbish before we'll sell it. Strangely, it comes in a Synare s3x shell, so the labelling is a little inaccurate, since the function of these 2 is slightly different. If anyone's making new stickers to replace the originals, please get in touch with us. Thanks!

Preparation time: 2-4 weeks