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Star Instruments Synare 3

Star Instruments Synare 3

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Star Instruments Synare 3 For Sale.

We paid our tech for the nearly 5 hours of skilled labor required to make this Synare work, feel, and sound like new again. We replaced all potentiometers for crackle free operation. Replaced the neopren pad. Replaced the battery snaps. Replaced the electrolytic capacitors. Replaced a 2n3904. Cleaned the jack. Replaced the jack washer and nut. In summary, we invested the time and money required to properly refurbish it and, as a result, it's functionally the best you’ll find anywhere, and justifiably priced higher than the rest because you won't have to make excuses for a lesser example or pay someone else to do this work and wait who knows how long.


Here it is, what may be the most popular type of drum synth from the 70s and early 80s, well known for the noise clap sound from Betty Davis Eyes, that disco space tom thing, and countless other songs from the period.  This here's the Synare 3, which must make it even more special than the 1 and 2. :) One thing's for sure - it sounds GREAT. This item's a drum pad and flexible analog synth in 1. Makes simple drum sounds as well as complex FM sounds. Has 2 oscillators - 1 can be switched to noise, 2 can be switch to LFO.