Star Instruments Synare 3 Silver

Star Instruments Synare 3 Silver

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Star Instruments Synare 3 Custom Silver Version For Sale.

This unit came to us in relatively poor cosmetic condition, so our tech removed the original paint and applied a clear coat. He also fully restored the insides to make this unit work perfectly and hopefully be more reliable than other Synares out there.

We sold one other silver Synare 3 in the past and it didn't have any labels on it. Our customer asked us if we had a way for him to label the parameters, so we gave a local graphic artist the originals and had him make us a couple sets of stickers. The sticker material is different from the original, but they do the trick. We applied stickers to this unit, though we think it looks better (and more mysterious) without them. We put a lot of time, love and money into this synare and the result is a perfectly working example that's justifiably priced higher than other lesser examples. Plus, who else is selling a silver synare?! 

This item runs off 2 9-volt batteries (not included).