Synton Fenix II D Kit

Synton Fenix II D Kit

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Synton Fenix II D For Sale - Kit

We bought 2 of these as kits from the designer a couple years ago. We assembled one and planned to build another. The kits did not include enclosures. We ended up having to wait a couple of years before someone started making them and now the one we assembled (pictured) finally has a home! In the meantime, we decided we probably don't need 2 anymore, and don't want to spend valuable synth tech time assembling new products when we have so many vintage items to restore, so we're selling the 2nd kit that we never assembled. This kit contains all populated circuit boards as provided by the designer. Whoever ends up with this will need to buy or build an enclosure and assemble the synth. The kit will be provided exactly as we received it. Since this is untested, we offer no guarantees or warranties, but the designer should be able to help troubleshoot any problems if you encounter any.

We are also looking for an original Synton Fenix II if anyone's got one for sale or trade. 

The photos here show an assembled unit in enclosure, but this sale is for an unassembled kit that is without an enclosure. DIY electronics skills required.