Yamaha DX7

Yamaha DX7

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Yamaha DX7 For Sale. Original version.
We paid our tech for 3 hours of skilled labor to fully refurbish this unit so it would be better than the rest (and justifiably on the high end of market value). This servicing included the following work and possibly more:

Cleaned inside and out. 
Resoldered components to prevent cold solder joints.
Replaced power cable.
Cleaned bender and mod wheel pots.
Installed new battery.
Reloaded patch data.
Fully tested and working perfectly. 

This DX-7 is in excellent shape. Our tech said, based on the keyboard action as well as the functionality of the front panel switches and physical appearance, that it seems as though this unit was not played much by its previous owner. There's a minor dent on the bottom of the right side not visible in the photos. We tried to fix it but it's hard to bang out dents in this area and is still not perfect. However, as you can see from the photos, this unit looks beautiful regardless.