Yamaha FB-01

Yamaha FB-01

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Yamaha FB-01 For Sale. We got this one from Babydaddy from the Scissor Sisters when we bought the contents of their recording studio. It's not working and, due to its low value relative to the high cost of repair, we are selling it strictly as is, for parts or repair or for that obsessed Scissor Sisters fan who needs to own something that may or may not still contain Babydaddy's dead skin cells, since we cleaned it up a bit. One never knows what the future will bring, but if and when scientists invent a machine that will clone human beings from dead skin cells, this COULD be your big chance to clone yourself a top notch musician and songwriter. At the very least, *boom!*, you've got yourself an instant conversation piece! So what are you waiting for?!

Almost forgot to mention...we paid our tech for 13 minutes of his time to give us a brief assessment of this instrument. In this time, he came to the following conclusions: There's no sound. The battery's at almost 0 volts, which means it's dead. The power supply metered -5v and 3v. He felt the 3v may have been the wrong voltage but wasn't referring to schematics at the time. He said he would have to rebuild the power supply and replace the regulator and that there may be a broken output IC or D/A converter, but these were just guesses. The amount we would have had to pay him to do this work would have exceeded its actual value, so that's when we told him to pull the plug and get back to work that wouldn't lose us any more money. :/

When working, this is a compact 4 operator FM synthesizer that makes great bell, organ, bass and synth lead sounds that sound similar to the classic DX7 from the mid 1980s. There's no guarantee you'll be able to get it working again though, so see the first paragraph.