Yamaha RM50

Yamaha RM50

$ 299.00

Yamaha RM50 For Sale. Drum Synthesizer Sound Module. Flexible drum synthesis in a 1 space cost effective rack. 

There's plenty of info on this one on the web, but here's a bit of info. This is the rackmount module cousin of the RY30 drum machine. It lacks the drum sequencer of the 30 but has more features, including additional sound parameters and samples not found in the RY-30. Has individual outs and very nice perfomance options allowing realtime MIDI control over sound parameters.  Sounds are saved in kits which can be used multitimbrally (several kits at once). Or, sounds can be pitched and played back on multiple MIDI channels as well. This is a truly flexible drum module that's well worth the price. We're not sure which recording artists have used the RY30 and RM50 sounds, but we know quite a few techno artists reply heavily on them.