Yamaha TG77

Yamaha TG77

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Yamaha TG77 For Sale. This unit has been professionally tested and serviced and is in excellent working order. The solder tab battery has been replaced with a new one so you shouldn't have to worry about it dumping its data soon like you'd need to do with most TGs out there nowadays. 

MIDI Sound Module AFM/AWM FM Synthesis. This synth is the rack version of the famous SY77.  It was Yamahas followup to the extremely popular DX7 series, but offered new, improved technology - AWM and AFM (advanced wave modulation and advanced frequency modulation). Included is a much improved FM synthesis, now offering multiple waveforms and algorhythms / feedback options, as well as lowpass resonant and highpass filtering, excellent on board effects processors, 16 part multitimbral performance, 2 stereo output pairs and lots of (EIGHT!) individual outs, MIDI controller assignments and more! This is the FM synthesists dream come true. Then there's AWM, which provided sampled waveforms for creating realistic sounds or using them with FM synthesis to make some incredible, new electronic sounds. Trust me on this - this is probably the best afforable FM synthesizer ever made. Its easy to edit from the huge front panel, but is even easier with an editor like Sounddiver. Its also much easier to program than the FS1r which can produce some great results but can take forever to program! There is hardly a synth sound which the TG-77 cant do. From warm analog type tones to sharp, cutting digital distortion, this synth is an excellent tool and is the perfect addition to any synth player or sound designers setup. And if you like preset sounds, the built in ones are excellent and I am sure you can find free ones on the web.