Akai AX60

Akai AX60

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Akai AX60 for sale. sn x1979
Fully serviced by professionals and working great.

We got this unit from its original owner who took great care of it. It came to us in full working order, but we replaced the battery and cleaned up the volume pot. 


This was Akai's answer to the Roland Juno-106, but it's way more impressive, capable of delivering a wider range of sounds and able to play TWO synth sounds at once using its split feature. It's a programmable polyphonic analog synth with MIDI. Here are some of its highlights:     

-Great sounds
-Bi-timbral - plays 2 sounds at once
-VCO: pulse, saw, triangle, triangle and saw combo
independent LFO for pulse width mod
-envelope modulation of pitch
-LFO: square, sine, random, routable to VCO, VCF and VCA
-Lowpass resonant VCF
-FM (modulation by VCO!)
-Variable Highpass filter
-Arpeggiator with variable mode
-Beautiful chorus effect
-2 envelope generators
-Input for Akai S-612 sampler - patch samples through the machine as though they're another oscillator
-VCF and VCO depth controls for pitchbend 
-modwheel, MIDI, etc.....

This is a flexible synth in comparison to the 106, Korg Polysix and similar machines. It's great for strings, leads, sound effects and other sounds you'd want from an analog polysynth.  The chorus adds a lot of depth to the sound and the filter FM and additional modulation possibilities make this a much better choice than many other old polys.