Aries 300 Modular

Aries 300 Modular

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Aries synthesizers seldom show up for sale. They offer great flexibility and are an excellent tool for the serious synthesist. This particular system includes the standard complement of modules: 2 VCOs with pulse width modulation and sync, VCF filter, Dual LFO / Lag / Inverter, 2 Envelope Generators, Sample and Hold / Clock and Noise generator, VCA, Balanced Modulator, Dual Mixer with 8 ins (4 with volume control), output / power supply module and keyboard controller. This modular synth uses 1/8" jacks for connections and therefore works well with the ARP 2600, Roland System 100 and System 100m or other modular gear with 1/8" jacks. I believe it uses the same power supply as Digisound modules and therefore might be a good addition to a Digisound system as well. It sounds great and offers the flexibility you would associate with most modular synths. This would be a great addition to the serious sound designers or synthesists studio. 

Note: This unit has sold but we have another we can prepare for you for the price listed here - email us. Please search our website for Aries to see if any others are currently being shown.

This Aries system is in great shape for a used item of its type and age. It was assembled by a Bell Labs engineer (in other words, someone who was very qualified to assemble electronics from kits) and is wider than most Aries modulars we have seen, with a total of 14 modules.  We spent many hours fully overhauling it and the result is a beautiful, clean and fully functional Aries modular that's better than others we've seen.  We feel this system should make anyone looking for a used Aries System very happy.  It's a real pleasure to play.

Although this item is listed as a pre-order, it's just about ready to go. We just need to pull it from storage and give it one last thorough test, so we need you to commit to buying it before we spend a couple more hours on it.

Shipping calculator only shows rough shipping estimate for the synth section and not the keyboard (if a keyboard is offered in this listing).

Estimated preparation time: 1-2 weeks