ARP 2500 Model 2502

ARP 2500 Model 2502

Please contact us to discuss pricing.

This particular ARP 2500 model 2505 was sold, but we have another we may consider selling.  We're also interested in buying or trading for other ARP 2500 gear and similar modular systems, dead or alive.   

This system includes the following:

Custom Reverb Controls Module
1004-T Oscillator
1023 Dual VCO
1033 Dual Envelope Generator
1006 Filt Amp
1023 Dual VCO
1033 Dual Envelope Generator
1016 Dual Noise / Random Voltage Generator
1005 Mod Amp
1047 Multimode Filter / Resonator
1036 Sample & Hold / Random Voltage
1050 Mix Sequencer
1027 Clocked Sequential Control
Power Control Module 1002
Keyboard with SP-4 and SP-2 Modules
Connector Cables x 2
Power Cord

We spent close to 100 hours meticulously disassembling, cleaning, fully servicing and testing this synth so it would be functioning absolutely perfectly and probably better than it did when it was new.  It was a huge amount of work, but was totally worth it in the end!