ARP 2600 Rare Collectable Thingy

ARP 2600 Rare Collectable Thingy

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ARP 2600 Collectable Thingy For Sale. We've been dealing in vintage synths for a long time, and this is the only one of these that we've come across. We aren't quite sure what it is or what to call it.

ARP made a 2600 Front Panel Facsimile pad of blank patches where users could draw in their patch settings so they could recreate them later.

This is a big (36" x 21"), thick laminated blank ARP patch panel drawing that's similar if not identical to the image of the front panel in that Facsimile pad. Because it's laminated and a similar ARP piece we have is not, we suspect it MAY have been created for teaching purposes for the demonstrator to write settings on using a dry erase marker. Dry erase markers appear to have been invented in 1975, so we feel this is a possibility. There are no signs one would expect of dry erase marker use on the front panel, but we're still hopefully this was more than just a decorative promotional piece. The other alternative is, of course, that this is just a decorative piece of promotional ARP art. Either way, it's pretty cool. Notice the laminate is raised in places.

If anyone has more info about this rare item, please contact us!

Roland 303 not included.