ARP 2600 Early Tonus Model

ARP 2600 Early Tonus Model

Please contact us to discuss pricing.

ARP 2600 Early Tonus Model For Sale. We take great pride in our ARP 2600 restorations. This unit has received an extensive overhaul and future-proofing by perfectionists (us) to make it better than all others you may find. This process took approximately 35 hours of skilled labor.

NOTE: The unit shown in the photos here has been sold, but we have another we may be able to prepare for you - please email to discuss.

Here's more info about the one that was just sold...

The person who sold us this 2600 said it worked fine. As we expected, once we got it and tested it, it didn't. We had to replace a defective sample and hold module as well as an oscillator module with exact replicas our tech made (he's cloned all 2600 modules).  In addition to fixing these and other undisclosed problems, we did the following work:

-Rebuilt power supply in an effort to not only improve performance but to also extend this units life.
-Recalibrated oscillators, filter, etc.
-Replaced tantalum capacitors as a preventative measure.
-Replaced all molex connector terminals to ensure good connections.
-Cleaned washers and nuts.
-Cleaned unit inside and out.
-Rebuilt keyboard with new rubber bushings, cleaned bus bars and contacts.
-Cleaned and lubed all pots
-Multiple systematic tests performed over an extended burn-in period to ensure stability.

This unit was previously fitted with an XLR style connector that makes a better connection than the type installed at the factory. We don't know if this was a factory mod for its original owner or if it was done elsewhere, but it works great. 

sn2623x (synth)