ARP 2600 Model 2601

ARP 2600 Model 2601

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ARP 2600 Model 2601 Synthesizer for sale. This unit is probably the nicest black and orange 2600 we've seen. We bought it from someone who owned it since it was new. He rarely used it, and this is quite obvious from looking at it.

The unit shown here has been sold, but we have another we can prepare for sale. Also search our site for 2600 to see others we may have in stock.

This unit was disassembled, cleaned inside and out, fully serviced by a vintage synth specialist with decades of experience. This process took approximately 27 hours. We do this work in an effort to future-proof the items we sell, so hopefully this 2600 will outlast all others out there. This unit was systematically tested over a long period and working great. Few sellers invest the time, love and money we do in the preparation of our gear, and this is reflected our prices.

This sale includes the synth section, keyboard section, both lids, original manual (slightly written in), blank patch pad (a couple pages were removed), ARP pedal, patch cords.

Shipping calculator only shows rough shipping estimate for the synth section and not the keyboard (if a keyboard is offered in this listing).

Here's a model 2601 in action, programmed by Jay Wires of The Synth Sanctuary, our favorite electronic music studio in the universe.