ARP 2600 Model 2601 Black & Orange

ARP 2600 Model 2601 Black & Orange

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ARP 2600 Model 2601 Synthesizer for sale. The unit in the photos has sold but we have another we can prepare for sale for you. It will be meticulously refurbished and future-proofed to the highest standards and will be much better than any other you may find.

Please email us to discuss your 2600 needs as we have others and prices vary considerably.

Here's the write-up on the previous unit. The work we do on this one will be similar: 

This unit was disassembled, cleaned inside and out, meticulously serviced AND FUTURE-PROOFED and fully and repeatedly tested by vintage synth specialists with decades of experience (us). This process required 31 hours of skilled labor. The result is an ARP 2601 that is much better than the rest.

This unit is working perfect, is ready to play, and will hopefully outlast all others.

In addition to any repairs, we did the following work to this unit:

-Fully disassembled, cleaned inside and out.
-Power supply rebuilt: new capacitors and trimpots.
-All tantalum capacitors replaced (these are a common source of failure in ARPs).
-ARP typically installed rubber gromets in between the reverb tank and wooden enclosure of their 2600s. For some reason, there were no gromets installed in this unit, so we installed new ones.
-All sliders and switches cleaned and lubricated.
-Molex connector terminals replaced for better connection.
-Keyboard fully rebuilt: removed and cleaned all keys, cleaned J-wires, removed and cleaned bus bars, replaced rubber bushings.
-Replaced Cinch-Jones keyboard connector socket.
-Replaced some metal hardware (screws, jack nut, etc).
-Burn in test.
-Multiple systematic tests of all functions.

Earlier revisions of the 2600 are notorious for having their modules sealed in black epoxy. This late version 2601's circuits are all open, so if a component ever goes bad, repair should be easy.

The shipping calculator only shows a rough shipping estimate for the synth section and not the keyboard.

Here's a previously sold unit, programmed and played by Jay Wires of The Synth Sanctuary, our favorite electronic music studio in the universe.

And here are some other similar 2600s, all programmed by Jay Wires at The Synth Sanctuary: