ARP 2600 model 2601 w/o keyboard

ARP 2600 model 2601 w/o keyboard

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ARP 2600 model 2601 without keyboard for sale. This unit has been meticulously refurbished. We also future-proofed it - because we care.

This late model 2601 came to us in working order, but, as perfectionists, we wanted it to work like new or better for its next owner, so we fully disassembled it, cleaned it inside and out, thoroughly serviced it, rebuilt it and recalibrated it - a costly process taking approximately 20 hours of skilled vintage synth repair tech time. Now that its restoration is complete, it's a pleasure to play and should make its next owner extremely happy. Unlike earlier models, all circuits inside this model are unencapsulated, with the exception of the ARP 4012 Moog filter. This means this unit will be much easier to service in the future, if need be. If you look closely at the pics, you'll notice a switch was added under the headphone jack. It's not wired to anything, but could be used for a future modification. This sale includes a power cord. There's no lid or keyboard, but most people's lids end up taking up space in their closet along with their keyboards since these are better controlled via a MIDI to CV converter. 

sn2601047x - others available too, please search our website for 2600. We also have a keyboard we purchased on its own that we could sell you with this unit at an additional cost.

There's a fun story behind this particular 2600. We had it on the market 2 years ago and someone contacted us to buy it. We looked everywhere but couldn't find it (!), so we sold him another one instead. Well, we finally found it the other day while digging through storage. We were so happy to be reunited with it that we gave it a good workout and shot a couple videos of it in action. Here they are: