ARP String Ensemble Black

ARP String Ensemble Black

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Black ARP SE-IV Solina String Ensemble For Sale. 

This unit was painted black somewhere along the way, and it seems its original wooden end pieces were probably replaced as well.     

We paid our tech for the 13 hours of skilled labor required to meticulously refurbish and future-proof this SE-IV so it would not only work like new, but so that it will also hopefully outlast all others. 

The right side wooden end piece is cracked. We are extremely confident in our ability to pack synths for shipping to ensure save arrival. However, since this piece is already stressed, although we think it will arrive without additional cracking, we cannot 100% guarantee it.  See photos.

This is probably the most sought after vintage analog string synth, famous for its beautiful warm string sounds. Its a simple machine, but it sounds incredible! It was used on countless songs from the 70s and has become extremely popular again in recent years when people realized how much cooler warm analog synthetic strings sound than stale sample playback sounds. There are 4 string sounds which can be played solo or combined, 2 bass options and an amazing ensemble effect which words cannot describe.  Trust me on this one, if you love synth strings, you cant dislike this one. Most respectable 70s bands with a string synth had one of these.