Buchla 100 Modular

Buchla 100 Modular

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Buchla 100 Modular synthesizer for sale. We buy, sell, repair all vintage Buchla synths. Disassembled, cleaned inside and out, fully serviced by a vintage synth specialist with decades of experience, systematically tested over a long period and working great. Few sellers invest the time, love and money we do in the preparation of our gear, and this is reflected our prices.

The system shown here is one we got from our friend Vince Clarke (of Erasure, Depeche Mode, Yaz, etc) and then fully restored over many many hours.

We love this system and are not planning on selling it unless we get a crazy offer we simply can't refuse, but we have other Buchla 100 series modules. We are more likely to trade for vintage Buchla 200 / 300 series modules than to sell, but you never know.

Previously traded system: This 100 series cabinet contains early SFTMC (San Francisco Tape Music Center) modules and is therefore among the first Buchlas ever built.  It contains the following modules: vc gate 110, 6 ch mixer 106, dual reverb 190, 6 ch mix 106, patchboard 124 (home made patch points), dual attack 180, dual mic pre 170, dual sine saw 158, dual square 144, white noise 160, timing pulse 140, seq voltage 123, control voltage proc 156, random voltage 165. Some modules have light wax pencil or lead pencil writing on faceplates, random voltage module has sticker residue.  These panels are probably somewhat sensitive to our usual cleaners so we plan on leaving markings on them rather than attempting to remove them and potentially damaging them.  We serviced this unit a while back but will make sure its cleaned inside and out and fully and properly electronically restore pre-sale. Please make a serious cash or trade offer if interested. In trade, we are interested in 200 and 300 series, Roland System 700 and similar vintage modulars.