Casio CZ-101

Casio CZ-101

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Casio CZ-101 For Sale. Fully serviced and tested by professionals and working great. This one's got the original display, which wasn't designed to be used in the dark. If you like working in the dark or are gigging in dim lighting, please search our website for CZ-101 to see units we fitted with LED displays that work great in the dark. 

The photos here show the unit we're currently selling... and here's a video of it in action: 


This is one of the few truly professional synthesizers produced by Casio. Its phase distortion synthesis is capable of creating analog-like sounds but offers a lot more flexibility than most similar analogs. You can create much more complex waveshapes and the envelope generators (which shape your sound over time) have 8 stages as opposed to the 4 typically provided with an ADSR envelope. We prefer this synth for lead sounds, bells and basses as well as weird analog/digital stuff, but it's good for most types of synth sounds. 

2 DCOs, 8 waveforms - waveshape can be a combination of 2 of these waveforms, 1 after the other
2 DCWs - this is the equivalent of a low pass filter
2 DCAs - envelope controlled volume
ring modulation
MIDI in and out
multitimbral (4 parts)
tone mix mode for layering tones
solo mode
pitch bender
preset ROM and internal RAM (for user program storage)
portable - light weight for a MIDI keyboard
battery (6xD) or DC adapter powered (not included)