DIY 207r Mixer Clone Front Panel & PCB

DIY 207r Mixer Clone Front Panel & PCB

$ 184.00

DIY 207r Mixer Clone Front Panel & PCB.

These are spares we bought a while back that we recently realized we don't need for our system. This sale is for just the circuit board and front panel. You'll need to source all parts and assemble things on your own.

Two are currently available. The photos show one of them, but they're both in the same condition as they haven't been used and were only unwrapped to inspect them. 

The metal on the circuit boards oxidizes over time, so you'll want to be sure to clean the surface before soldering. 

To avoid any confusion, these components were based on Don Buchla designs and were made and sold by one or more people in the DIY community. They’re knockoffs and not official products of the company that bears his name.