Elka Synthex MIDI

Elka Synthex MIDI

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This unit has sold but we have another available, search our site for synthex.

Elka Synthex Polyphonic Programmable Vintage Synthesizer w/ MIDI retrofit for sale. Completely disassembled and cleaned, electronically serviced and rebuilt by professionals (us). Unlike most sellers, including the person who sold this unit to us, we feel the need to mention all details about the items we sell. Most Synthexes we have seen have had musty odors, and this one is no exception.

We absolutely love this synth for its unique and huge warm sound, chorus and multimode filter. If there's music playing in Heaven, it was probably made on a Synthex.

This unit runs off 220 volts. We used it here with our shop's step up transformer. Since we sell items internationally, we didn't buy an external transformer for it since we don't know what voltage the buyer will be running it off of, so if you're interested in buying this unit, you'll need the right power cable and power transformer if your wall voltage isn't 220 volts. If 220 volts, you'll need a standard 3 prong power cord that fits your electrical socket. 

If you want to sell or restore your Synthex, please contact us.