EML Electrocomp-101

EML Electrocomp-101

Please contact us to discuss pricing.

Electrocomp Model 101 For Sale. This is an early serial number unit (sn26x).

This unit just sold but we have another we can prepare for you, please email us. Price for the next will likely not be the same.

This EML-101, like all 101s we have sold in recent times, was meticulously refurbished - fully disassembled, cleaned inside and out, fully serviced and future-proofed so it will hopefully continue to work flawlessly for many years to come. This complete overhaul took 30 hours of very experienced vintage synth tech time, resulting in an instrument thats better than any other of its type you'll find, and this is reflected in its price.

Work done includes:

Keyboard fully rebuilt with new bushings, bus bar and contacts cleaned, keys removed and cleaned. replaced power supply capacitors as well as caps in the filter and oscillator sections that we see commonly fail. jacks cleaned, replaced washers and nuts, cleaned up panel, painstakingly opened, cleaned and lubed pots, cleaned and lubed switches to eliminate crackle found in most examples of this instrument, cleaned and tightened keyboard connector, recalibrated so everything plays in tune.

This unit was also tested over a long period of time to ensure reliability. As a result, it's better than others on the market, is working perfectly and is ready to play, no surprises and no excuses. You won't find a better EML-101 anywhere.

Want one for a lower price?
We may have another that's not quite as nice that we'd sell for less, but it won't include the meticulous refurbishing we did to this one. We recommend buying our refurbished unit instead as the money you'll save initially will have to be spent eventually if you can find a tech who's experienced enough to restore it like we do.

The EML101 is a really interesting patchable synth from the 70s. As with all patchable synths, there is added flexibility - you dont have to use the hardwired modulation routings - you can define your own. Its similar to the ARP 2600 in that its pretty much an all in one modular synthesizer. However, the sound is quite different from any ARP, Moog or similar. The E.M.L. Electrocomp-101 is a lot fatter and dirtier / nastier sounding than either of these will typically get. Trust us, its got a very unique sound which makes it of great value to those who appreciate having a wide range of sounds at their fingertips. This is a 4 oscillator synth with duophonic (2 notes at once) capability. We can't think of any other synth of its type which offers FOUR oscillators. The 1st and 4th oscillators can be used as LFOs. 3 of these oscillators offer SWEEPABLE wave shape, the remaining one (#1) offers switchable waveforms. The mixer section allows you to control the volumes of the various oscillators, noise source / external input. The filter is unique. It's a multimode filter (lowpass, bandpass, highpass) with SWEEPABLE MODE so you can fade between filter types (only a few synths have this very useful feature). There are 2 envelope generators, a sample and hold with external ins, a modulator (amplitude / envelope follower, ring modulation) and preamp. You can even adjust the keyboard scaling to play exotic scales. There are many patchpoints along the top which allow ins and outs to all the modules. There are also a couple sets of multiple jacks. This modular is portable - it folds up into a nice wooden case. We prefer to use this piece for harsh metallic / industrial sounds or extermely fat synth leads but it is great for making a variety of extremely useful and unique sounds. Trust us on this one, this synth is worth being in any serious analog synth studio as it is quite different from all others out there. 

Here's a video featuring another EML-101 we sold:

And here's a video featuring yet another one we sold in the past: