EML Electrocomp-200 Blue

EML Electrocomp-200 Blue

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This is a very rare and unusual synth.  Only a few hundred EML200's were made and few are in as nice condition as this one is after all these years.    This EML200 synthesizer is a vintage synth fanatics dream come true.  Its capable of sounding like nothing else we have ever heard.  It's the perfect cross between a musical patchable synth like a Moog or ARP 2600 and RAW test equipment - great for someone who needs really science fiction sound effects, drones or crazy tones - oscillator sweeps, pings, bleeps, huge reverberating swells, clangy metallic sounds, harsh noises, you name it!  The tone of this EML200 is very different from that of any other manufacturer.  It can be raw, nasty and harsh but also pure and floaty.  Nothing we know of sounds spacier than this things spring reverb! Great for the experimental musician or sound designer / noisician.  It's a great stand alone unit but also makes a terrific companion to the EML-101 and other Electrocomp products (which we can supply you with as well), or, cross patch it with your other modular gear for variety! It's also a really unique processing tool.  There's a mic preamp for you to patch external sounds through the electro comp, high pass and low pass filters, TWO ring modulators, 3 oscillators, and more.

This unit has been electronically overhauled, which means FULL electronic servicing, cleaning inside and out, power supply and power line recapping, etc etc.  This item was tested over an extended period and is working perfectly and sounding amazing. It's ready to play. No typical vintage gear surprises or excuses. Ready for sale but available as a pre-order since we have to pull it from storage and go through it once more prior to sale, and that takes time.

Serial number 073x.

This one's been sold but we have a silver one - please search our website for eml-200 to find it.