EMS DK1 Cricklewood

EMS DK1 Cricklewood

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EMS DK1 Cricklewood For Sale. This keyboard is used to control the VCS3 or Synthi and has  physically moving keys as opposed to the hard-to-play membrane surface of the KS keyboard sequencer from the AKS. Features include an extra oscillator and touch sensitivity.

This unit has been fully disassembled, cleaned, serviced, rebuilt and improved using modern precision components, a process that took 13.5 hours. Our usual Cricklewood refurb process normally takes a while, but additional time was spent in this case trying to figure out why the keyboard wasn't tracking right. After replacing a number of old components that were out of spec with modern precision components, our tech wasn't sure why tracking wasn't absolutely perfect.... until he discovered a manufacturing error! EMS installed the wrong value resistor at the factory (!!!), so this unit never tracked well, even when new. Even though this wild goose chase was annoying, in the end, the result is a Cricklewood that tracks better than any other. This work has of course been reflected in this DK's price, but whoever buys this unit is going to be quite pleased by its exceptional performance.

The knobs on early Cricklewoods and VCS3s typically had silver metal inserts that often fell off over time, as is the case with this particular unit. If you look closely at the photos, you will see the remains of the glue that originally held these inserts in place - feel free to email us for bigger pics if you'd like a better view. If anyone has a source for new inserts or new knobs, please let us know. The tiny rubber feet on one side of the keyboard are missing. We don't know of a source for the original type, and they're so short that you probably wouldn't notice any difference, but we'd be happy to replace them all or simply add a full set of new feet if the buyer requests it.