EMS Prestopatch for Synthi AKS

EMS Prestopatch for Synthi AKS

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EMS Battleship Prestopatch for Synthi AKS for Sale

This Prestopatch came in with one of the many EMS Synthi AKS synthesizers we’ve bought, restored and resold. We’re currently selling an early EMS VCS3 Putney, but there’s no port for a prestopatch on it. Some of the later VCS3s do have a port though, so if you’ve got a Synthi AKS or a later Putney, you might be able to use this! 

This item has not been tested, but if you buy it and you’d like us to test it before we ship it, please send a separate message and ask us to test it and we will - if we test it and there’s anything wrong with it, you can request a refund and we will refund your payment (but won’t refund for any other reason, so please be sure about the purchase before buying it). Thank you!