EMS Synthi AKS

EMS Synthi AKS

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FOR SALE: EMS Synthi AKS by Electronic Music Studios of England.  

Meticulously rebuilt, cleaned and tested by skilled vintage synth tech and dealer and working perfectly.  This job required 18 hours of skilled labor. All pots and verniers were replaced with new ones for smooth, crackle-free, flawless operation. The joystick pots couldn't be replaced so they were chemically cleaned and lubed. 

This one's one of the more desirable older white faced units. Ready to record with, no BS typical of vintage synth deals these days - we paid our tech to make this unit better than the rest, so you shouldn't have to deal with any headaches.

The patch pins shown here may not be the ones included with this unit as we borrowed some from another unit, but a full set of fully functional pins will be included with this purchase. Colors may vary.

This unit has been sold. We may or may not have another we could prepare for sale - please email us if interested.

This Synthi AKS modular synthesizer by Electronic Music Studios (London) Ltd. uses pins rather than patchcords to route signals and voltages. This is the same synthesizer engine as the VCS3 (the Putney) and Synthi A. We have the VCS3 studio version as well which we plan to put on the market when time allows. It sounds like nothing else and is THE sound effects machine of choice by nearly everyone who owns one. This synth has serious character and is perfect for creating deep organic sounds. If we didn't know better we'd swear it was ALIVE! :) Great for serious sound design, laser zaps, sweeps, growls, birds, blips, etc. You can hear it all over recordings by groups like Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Brian Eno, Vince Clarke, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Sonic Boom, Yes, Alan Wilder and many other very influential musicians from the 70s to today. Also used by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop on the Dr.Who soundtrack! 

Features 3 oscillators, a resonant lowpass filter, ring modulator, 2 inputs for external signal processing (some people used the Synthi AKS only for this - it sounds great), noise source, output filters, envelope / trapezoid generator, beautiful spring reverb, volt meter, joystick (a brilliant feature!). The biggest difference between the different models of Synthi is that the AKS has a touch keyboard with looping sequencer (recorder). This is an incredibly useful tool that's missing from the VCS3 and Synthi A. Lets not forget the built in speakers! This synth can be set to drone or you can use the automatic envelope feature so it triggers itself. You can also use the built in manual trigger button. It can also be triggered from a MIDI to CV converter. The Synthi AKS is the portable version of the VCS-3. Since its built into a suitcase, it makes it easy to transport. These dont show up for sale often. Don't miss your chance to own this vintage beast!