Emu EIII Emulator Three

Emu EIII Emulator Three

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Emu EIII Emulator Three For Sale. Sampling Keyboard Workstation. 

This one's been sold but we have another we can prepare for you - please email us. Pricing for the next may be higher.

This unit was fully refurbished / rebuilt over 50 or so hours and is in excellent working order. The value of this work is reflected in its price. This unit has 4 megs of sample RAM installed. FFD OS 2.42. We installed a new SCSI2SD board inside this unit since the original hard drive wasn't reliable (as usual). We installed a new backlight so the display can be easily read in the dark (theyre often dim or burned out), we replaced the power supply with a new one, cleaned all key contacts, cleaned this unit inside and out, cleaned and lubed all pots, updated firmware for the SCSI2SD, replaced 16 electrolytic capacitors on voice boards, adjusted auto calibration and then manually calibrated this unit. RS-442 interface and external SCSI devices were not tested since we don't have external devices for testing. We see no reason for them not to work but since we didnt test them, we cant guarantee it. 

This was a very expensive, very impressive sampler when it came out and it still has a lot of loyal users. It offers CD quality sound, analog filters (much warmer than most digital filters) and a very fast and easy user interface. Comes with a built in hard drive and external SCSI to connect it to external drives. 16 voices, 16 outputs. Stereo in and out, SMPTE in and out. The onboard sequencer allows you to use this as a workstation - letting you create full musical arrangements with just this one E3 keyboard.