Emu Emulator II+

Emu Emulator II+

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Emu Emulator II For Sale. PLUS model.

The one shown here has sold but email us as we may have another we can prepare for you. Price to be determined.

This unit has been fully serviced to make it better than the rest, a process that cost us 20 hours of highly skilled and valuable tech time. The result is a professionally restored instrument that's fully functioning and is ready to play, unlike most, and is justifiably more costly than lesser examples. Depeche Mode used this model sampler heavily to create its signature sound in the 80s. 

In addition to typical servicing and cleaning, this unit's power supply has been properly rebuilt to hopefully outlast all others and the backlight was replaced so you can read the display in the dark.

This EII is the PLUS version, with maximum memory (17.6 seconds max sampling time). The front panel says Emulator II because the overlay was replaced and the only one available at the time was for the EII, which has all the same functions. The back panel shows that it's an Emulator II+.