Eurorack Modular System

Eurorack Modular System

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Large Eurorack Modular System For Sale. This is a really nicely configured system capable of making a huge range of impressive sounds. We bought it thinking we'd keep it, but our priorities have shifted.

The guy we got this from said he paid $24,000 for it, but we're not sure if this number is accurate. We're asking a lot less for it. If it doesn't sell, we will either keep it, consider lowering the price or trade it.

The Doepfer Trigger Matrix, Tip Top Audio TR-808 and TR-909 clone modules, as well as the Intellijel Atlantic (which replicates the classic Roland SH-101 synth engine) make this system a great techno workstation, though the module assortment is great for all kinds of music and sound design.

We tested the modules and everything seems to work, though some of these modules are complex, so it's slightly possible we missed something minor. However, since this is a relatively new system (compared to the vintage items we normally deal in), the odds that there are any operational defects are quite slim. All modules appear to be in excellent physical condition.

Here's the original list of modules provided to us by the person who sold it to us. Please refer to the photos though, as there may be inaccuracies (and misspellings or typos):

tip top trigger riot
tip top z-dsp vc-digital signal processor
tip top quantizer
tip top z3000 smart vc oscillator
tip top mixz 9 mixer

tip top drums
tip top bd808
tip top sd808
tip top ma808
tip top cp808
tip top cymbl909
tip top toms909
tip top hats808
tip top cb808
tip top 14 rs808

intellijel dual adsr
intellijel cylonix shapeshifter
intellijel metropolis
intellijel atlantis
intellijel linux (vca)

verbos electronics harmonic oscillator

doepfer monster basecase
doepfer 9u case (that goes on top of the one above)
doepfer a-121 vcf2
doepfer a-145 lfo
doepfer a-145 lfo (i have two of them)
doepfer a-157-1 8x16 trigger matrix
doepfer a-157-2 control inp
doepfer a-157-3 trigger out
doepfer a-174-1 joy stick

qu-bit chord
qu-bit rhythm

wmd fracture
wmd arpitecht
wmd triad
wmd performance mixer
wmd pm mutes
wmd pm channels

dave smith modular character
dave smith modular curtis filter
dave smith modular feedback

mutable instruments clouds
mutable instruments braids

4ms dual looping delay
4ms quad pingable lfo

make noise maths
make noise brains and pressure points
make noise a few blank panels

pittsburgh modular midi3
pittsburgh modular outs
pittsburgh modular adsr
pittsburgh modular verbtronic
pittsburgh modular mix (life distro)
pittsburgh modular lifeforms ( modular organism kb-1)

2hp adsr
2hp freez

1010 music bitbox

sister mannequins (filter)

malekko mlt

dreadbox random

jones o'tool

ory ca

expert sleeper disting

Here are a few videos of this system in action:


And here's one on JW's Instagram account (which you should also follow!)