Fairlight Series III

Fairlight Series III

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Fairlight Series III for sale. 

We are experts in most of the items we sell, but this one is an exception and we don't have the time or desire to learn about it as we don't normally deal in them. Its current state is somewhat unknown. A Fairlight expert we were in communication with by email says that the system looks to be in great condition, with no parts missing. He says the fact that the system starts is a good sign. It initially stopped the boot process while loading the main software from the HDD, so he suggested there was a dead or corrupted HDD. At that point, he said it had SW 6.03 installed, but that it seems many components had already been changed to later versions (which makes sense since the person we got it from had it upgraded in recent years). We replaced the HDD with a SCSI2SD adapter with OS 9.34 that the Fairlight expert sold us. He said this included the Fairlight sound library as well. At that point, we ran out of time and space as we had a lot of vintage analog synths in the shop that needed to be restored, so we put the unit back in storage, where it remained until we pulled it out to photograph it just recently. We did not test it otherwise due to lack of knowledge and lack of time to learn how to use this system and we're hoping to sell it as is, with the understanding that it will need to be checked out and serviced by a qualified Fairlight expert. Here's some additional info:

The original monitor does not appear to be working. The seller told us he wasn’t sure if it was the monitor or the monitor card (or both). We believe it’s the monitor, as it was putting out a very annoying high pitched sound. He said most people these days replace the Fairlight monitor board with a newly designed one so that it can be used with a new monitor instead. We confirmed this with another Fairlight expert. If you feel the need to use an original monitor, perhaps this one can be fixed, or maybe someone who upgraded their monitor card for use with a new monitor has an original they'd sell. 

The person we got this unit from repainted the monitor, keyboard and QWERTY keyboard. There is also a cracked key on the piano style keyboard that we glued back together.