Fonik Innovations 6 Volca Stand Black

Fonik Innovations 6 Volca Stand Black

$ 189.99

Fonik Innovations 6 Volca Stand For Sale. This absolutely gorgeous stand is our spare - we would never sell our only one! Fits all volcas except for the volca mix.

This unit has some small paint chips mostly on the corners that were touched up with black marker. It's otherwise in perfect shape. We have one of these in our studio that we cut a white bottom piece for so we'd be able to mount a power strip inside it. We made a similar bottom for this unit which we can include if requested. 

The first photo is from Fonik's website. The others are of the unit we are selling. Volcas not included, but search our site for Volca as we're an authorized Korg dealer and have most of them in stock.

USA only for this item.