Korg CX-3

Korg CX-3

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Vintage Korg CX-3 For Sale. Electronics fully refurbished. Portable alternative to the classic Hammond B3 organ.

This unit was working well when we bought it. Regardless, we like to do whatever we can to make our items outlast others you may find, so we paid our tech for the 7 hours of skilled labor required to fully refurbish it. Once inside, he found that a number of capacitors were leaking, as is common with instruments of this type and age, so he replaced these leaky caps so you shouldn't have to anytime soon. He also cleaned things inside and out - all controls, key contacts, etc, resolved a hum by changing the position of the power transformer, glued a broken piece of wood, etc. The result is a CX3 that plays beautifully and that will hopefully continue to do so long after others fail. The time, love and money invested in this unit are reflected in the price of this unit.