Korg DSS-1

Korg DSS-1

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Korg DSS-1 For Sale.

This item was tested and appears to be working as it should. Most sellers don't spot or mention this, but the backlight is dim, as is typical with these at this point in time, though theyre often completely dead. What this means is you'll either want to use it in a well-lit room or you'll want to replace it. It may be possible our tech can do this for an extra fee - contact us before purchasing to discuss as this may or may not be feasible due to our heavy workload.

This unit sounds great and is in what we'd consider excellent physical condition for a used item of its age, but dont take our word for it - please check out the photos.

Sale includes original box and foam end pieces. The air spaces will be filled with bubblewrap or similar, and the box will have cardboard folded over it before shipping. It's possible the box may see some typical shipping damage but the keyboard itself should arrive intact. 

We will also include the floppy disks we got with it. We only tested a few and they loaded up without any trouble, but old disks are notoriously unreliable, so it's very likely some will no longer work. While the synth and original cardboard box are in great physical shape and appear to have been stored properly over the years, the Valhalla floppy disks appear to have had something spilled on them at some point, and it seems some of the Korg disks may have as well, based on the spots on the labels. So there's a greater chance that these disks might not work (and youll want to look inside the valhalla disks especially before using them to make sure theres nothing on them that could come off inside the drive and effect it), but we see the disks as an added bonus anyway since many of these don't come with an original sound library on floppy disk.

Most people buying these today will probably want to upgrade to a virtual floppy drive anyway, but we successfully loaded sounds from disk, formatted a new floppy, saved to the new floppy and loaded sounds from the new disk, so the drive appears to still be working well. RAM test and filter tests passed. Other functions were tested and appear to be working as they should.           

Here's a video of this DSS-1 in action at https://www.instagram.com/p/CjQcLvGukbH/?hl=en: