Korg M1

Korg M1

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Korg M1 For Sale. Fully refurbished and tested by professionals and working perfectly. We paid out tech for 3 hours of skilled labor to make the following improvements to this instrument: 

-All tact switches replaced so all buttons respond just as well as they did when this instrument was new. 
-Battery replaced.
-Sounds reloaded. 
-Cleaned up inside and out. 

This work should make it more valuable and a much better purchase than others on the market as it will hopefully continue to work longer than others you may find (some of which will certainly have undisclosed problems). This m1 comes with a soft carrying case and should make its next owner very happy.

Used on tons of classic recordings across most genres since its release in the late 80s. The M1's organ and piano sounds (as well as others) can be heard all over many classic house music and rave tracks, including Crystal Waters "Gypsy Woman", Robyn S. "Show Me Love" and many, many more. With the recent resurgence in 90s house sounds, it's been making a huge comeback. 

Seinfeld fans take note - the Seinfeld theme was made using the preset M1 slap bass sound. How can you call yourself a true Seinfeld fan without buying this M1? You can't. So don't miss this opportunity. Buy this beauty now!