Korg MS50

Korg MS50

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Korg Expander Module Model MS-50 for sale. We got this unit from our friend Vince Clarke of Erasure, Yaz, Depeche Mode, etc.

Here's the story behind this particular MS50, as we told it on Instagram when we got this unit in: 

JUST IN: Vince Clarke’s (Depeche Mode, Yaz, Erasure, etc) Tone Tweakers serviced Korg MS50. For sale soon at tonetweakers.com. History: many years ago, Vince swapped us his first MS50 (which needed servicing) for one of our fully serviced MS50s. He hadn't really used it though, so yesterday he asked us if we wanted it. Duh! 😂 Although we encouraged him to move it across the studio so he could use it with his vintage MS20, he wasn’t into it, so we snagged it and bagged it. Here’s a patch set up on it by Jay Wires, resident programmer at The Synth Sanctuary studio in NYC. It's still working quite well after all these years, thanks to us servicing it before we delivered it to his old studio in Maine, but we still intend to service it again prior to sale. Vince and Andy Bell are currently wrapping up the upcoming Erasure album, see erasureinfo.com and follow for Erasure news, and be sure to follow @erasureinfo as well. Also check out Vince’s record label Very Records at veryrecords.com

This MS50 was fully disassembled, cleaned, and electronics were completely overhauled, sparing no expense, so it works like new again and is better than the rest. All pots and jacks were cleaned. Replaced some capacitors. Performed a slight power supply modification. Recalibrated. This process required approximately 6 hours of skilled labor. We didn't need to do it since it worked fine when we got it - we WANTED to do it to hopefully extend the life of this beautiful instrument so it outlasts all others of its kind.

This unit was meant to expand the functions of the MS series - the MS10, MS20 and SQ10, as well as the PS series - the PS3100, PS3200 and PS3300.

See this particular MS50 in action here, on our Instagram: