Korg PS-3100

Korg PS-3100

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Korg PS3100 patchable polyphonic synthesizer for sale. We painstakingly electronically restored this unit to like new (or better) functionality, replacing all edge card connectors and capacitors, doing all necessary repairs, and fully overhauling its electronics to our super high standards. This work was done in an effort to future-proof this item to hopefully keep it running well a lot longer than others on the market. This process takes a long time. The previous one took 80 hours and cost us a small fortune. We didn't count the hours this time around as we didn't want to know (!!!), but the hard work we put into this unit has resulted in one of the best 3100's out there.

This unit shown here has sold, but we have another we can prepare for you - please email us.

We buy, sell, trade and restore all vintage synths including the Korg PS series synthesizers (PS3300, PS3200, PS3100). They all need a similar treatment in order to work reliably, and this is a very time consuming and costly procedure that should only be done by a very experienced vintage synth tech. Consider this if you're selling one or thinking about buying an unserviced unit. 

What we love about this unit is the fact that it's full polyphonic (all notes can be played simultaneously!), has an amazing triple resonator that creates the best phasing sounds ever, and is one of the only patchable polysynths ever made. Oh, also the global envelope generator has a trick or two, and the ensemble and amplitude mod allow you to create some incredibly rich sounds.