Kurzweil K2000RS #1

Kurzweil K2000RS #1

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Kurzweil K2000RS #1 For Sale

This item's been thoroughly tested and appears to be working perfectly, with the following exceptions: Power button releases slowly but still functions. There are 5 stereo output pairs - mix, A, B, C, and D. The A right output is louder than the A left output and there may be noise or oscillation coming from one or both of the A outputs as well - I didn't notice it when testing for a few hours prior to photographing it, but I feel like I heard this in the past when using this unit long ago in the studio. All other outputs worked fine, so this wasn’t an issue for me. Floppy drive disk format, save and load were tested and are working. Did not test scsi due to lack of scsi drive. This unit appears to have 4 megs of memory onboard. Operating system is 3.54J. 

We are selling another unit that's intermittent that's also got the PRAM option installed. It's being sold for parts or repair. Please search our listings if interested.