Moog Model 1P

Moog Model 1P

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Vintage Moog Modular Synthesizer Model 1P For Sale. In addition to the stock IP system described below, this particular 1970s system contains both early 901 oscillators and later 921 series VCOs, high pass filter and coupler modules, keyboard and ribbon controller. It contains the following: 921, 921Bx3, 921, 905, 901A, 901Bx2, 901, 903, 904A, 904B, 904C, 902x2, 921x2, 907, etc. Serious offers considered, or will trade for Roland System-700, vintage Buchla 200 or 300 series or similar. 

Photos shown here represent a system we sold in the past. Here's the description of one of the units we've sold in the past:

The Moog 1P was one of the first commercially available synthesizers. Though its features are more basic than some other modular synths, this synth sounds absolutely incredible. This system contains the following components:

Cabinet 1:
907 fixed filter bank
904-A voltage controlled low pass filter
905 reverb unit
901-A oscillator controller
901-B oscillator (x2)
903-A random signal generator
901 VCO
Filter and attenuator module
Mixer / control voltage modules (x2)

Cabinet 2:
902 VCA (x2)
911 ENV (x2)
Trigger/Env. Voltage switches/multiples
Pitch/trigger jacks w/ fuses power switch

950 Keyboard Controller

956 Ribbon Controller - this is a really interesting piece! 

Cabinet 1 to Cabinet 2 connector cable
Power Cord


This Moog 1P is in beautiful shape for a used item of its type and age.  There are only a few minor imperfections most people wouldn't even bother to mention - check the photos above.  One of the knobs on the keyboard control panel is missing its silver insert and there is a small tear in the tolex on the back bottom of one of the cabinets where the wood was touched up with black marker.  It looks fine to us.  There are a few scuffs in the tolex covering the removeable front lids and a few very minor scuffs and scratches here and there.  But we're just being very picky here - check out the photos and you'll see this synth's in incredible condition for a 35 year old synth.  


This unit is in excellent electronic shape for a 35 year old synth - we gave it a thorough testing and workout, then serviced it, and then retested it over an extended period of time.  Very little repair was necessary as this synth was taken very good care of over the years.  We suspect this 1P is in better shape than most similar machines out there.  Here's the noteworthy stuff we did to it:

-Thorough cleaning inside and out
-Power supply recapped
-Connections cleaned 
-Oscillators recalibrated
-Keyboard contacts / bus bars cleaned

The keyboard bushings were replaced, contacts and bus bars were cleaned and the keyboard was rebuilt.

All features were tested and work perfectly.  Most importantly, this system sounds amazing. 

901 series oscillators have a reputation for being somewhat unstable.  However, many Moog users feel they sound better than the later 921 series.  We feel these oscillators perform very well provided you know this trick... We found that for the oscillators to track the keyboard accurately over its range, the oscillator controller should be set at or below the -1 setting.  Above this setting, the oscillator pitches track poorly as they receive higher control voltages.  It may therefore be better to initially set the octave range of each oscillator relatively high when the oscillator controller's at the -1 range position and use the lower controller range settings to decrease pitch of all oscillators simultaneously. 

We feel this system should make anyone looking for a 1p very happy.  We'll miss it!