Moog Multimoog

Moog Multimoog

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Moog Multimoog for sale.

This unit has been used very rarely in our studio since it was meticulously serviced  and cleaned inside and out around 7 years ago. The reason it wasn't used more is because we spend most of our time refurbishing and selling vintage synths and have little time left over to actually enjoy them ourselves. :( The keyboard was rebuilt and the key contacts were cleaned. All pots and switches were cleaned and lubed. The power supply was recapped as a preventative measure. The unit was recalibrated. The original rubber feet were replaced. Once this item has sold, we will need 1-2 weeks for our tech to give it a final checkup (in addition to the 10 business days or so we need to pack and ship items).

As you can see, the front panel overlay is warped. We would have replaced it but couldn't find anyone selling replacements.

This unit will be in full working order when it leaves here, no excuses typical of most vintage gear sales these days.