Moog Realistic MG-1

Moog Realistic MG-1

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Moog Realistic MG-1 for sale. Fully restored.

This synthesizer is an improved version of the Moog Rogue made by Moog for Realistic (so yes, it's a REAL Moog!), with additional features which make it a much better choice than a Rogue - namely, the bell tone (ring modulation) and polyphonic sections. Otherwise, the 2 are nearly the same.  

Can't afford a Minimoog? The MG1 has many similarities as well as a couple additional features, is way more portable as it's much smaller and lighter weight. Even if you've got a Mini or other analog keyboard, this complements other synthesizers very well. It's excellent for funky basslines and leads as well as interesting sound effects and other analog noises! It's got enough knobs to make great sounds but few enough to keep the sound creation process nice and easy. If you ever get bored with monophonic sounds, turn up the polyphonic sections for instant chords!  

2.5 octave keyboard
tone source tuning knob
polyphonic source tuning knob
glide fader
LFO modulation
LFO rate with LED
tone source depth
filter depth
auto trigger on off
shape: triangle, square or random/sample and hold
osc1 sync: out, in
octave switch -2 -1 0
waveform: saw or square
oscillator 2 detune
osc 2 octave
osc 2 waveshape
keyboard tracking switch
cutoff frequency
resonance (emphasis / peak)
envelope amount
contour generator (envelope)
sustain in out
VCA mode: countour, keyed, bypass
levels for osc 1 and 2 and noise as well as bell tone and polyphony
Master volume
Power switch
Audio In and Out (pair for each)
pitch and trigger interface ports (CV and Gate jacks)
headphone jack